Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not Much New

Things have been a little quiet on the baking front but I"m ready to kick it up again this weekend! I have a very busy weekend with a baby and a bridal shower. I'm going to try to make Lemon cookies for the bridal shower along with the rest of the chocolate chips that are in my freezer. I find that instead of buying the ready made dough, it is just as easy (and less expensive) to make the dough, roll it into balls, and then stick them in the freezer. Then, you can just take them out and bake! This allows you to make as many as you need without waste.

Here is a link to the Lemon cookies. I will post a picture and update as soon as its completed! I was in a rush when I went to the store (with both kids in the cart) so I just bought lemon pie filling for the centers. Otherwise, I plan to make them as stated. I first saw this recipe and knew I had to try it. The only problem: My husband HATES lemon. So, I figured this would be an ideal time to make them, without myself having to eat the whole batch!

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